Nescafe Classic 47.5g (Jar)

Packing: 47.5g x 24 / Carton
Qty Per Pallet: 153 cartons
EAN Code: 4607085440385

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The unmistakable taste and aroma that we all know and love is still as good as ever. Our signature coffee has a medium-dark roast that gives it a full flavour and wonderfully invigorating taste.
QUALITY COFFEE ROASTStart your day right with the first sips of this classic. Let the intense taste of NESCAFÉ Classic awaken your mind and body to new opportunities as the rich aroma of this distinctive blend unfolds.
We blend quality Robusta beans and then roast them to medium-dark deliciousness to deliver the pleasurable experience you’ve come to expect from NESCAFÉ Classic.
The Classic NESCAFÉ coffee with unmistakable taste you know and loveA rich and delightful aromaMade from medium-dark roasted Robusta beans which are expertly blendedSpecially designed glass jar keeps your NESCAFÉ Classic tasting delicious to the last drop Available in 200g, 100g and 50g


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